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Chusdoit is a project focusing on bamboo architectural design using the model-making approach

And sharing the processes for educational purposes 


the Battles

Chusdoit. projects are interested in raising quality of rural life by designing attractive 

architecture to diversify the 

agrarian economy.

Current Research: on Moso Bamboo as a Building Material

During the revitalization process of Chinese traditional villages

Duck Shelter
South Gate Sino-Lavender

Resources for free

Share these original PDF presentations FREE to express your own views about the bamboo topic.


BIM Bambu Industria Mexicana 


The simplest guide of how to impulse the Bamboo Industry in Mexico. Although is in Spanish, its main communication is visual. Further questions, don't hesitate to ask. 



Bambú aquí y en China


Hot tips on how to connect more with China regarding bamboo technology transfer. All you need to know to establish new relationships with the Chinese Industry. Here you will learn about the path to follow in order to legally study or work in China regarding bamboo topics. 

bambridge cover.jpg


Ten Steps Construction Method


These are the instructions of how-to-build a 9.5m bridge made out of Moso Bamboo in rural Hubei, China. The construction system is known in Germany as the "Fish Beam", which is a technique learned in Colombia from German Bamboo builder, Jorg Stamm.