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The Living City Sinaloa. (Northwest Mexico 2035). Bamboo Landscape for Developing Countries

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Title: Bamboo Landscape for Developing Countries (Blind review).

Format: PDF

Size: A4

Pages: 72

Year: 2016

Keywords: Bamboo, Sinaloa, Hunan. Poverty eradication. Education

DescriptionComparison on bamboo development status on rural China and Mexico. Thesis draft 5.0. for Master Degree on Landscape Architecture in NJFU Nanjing Forestry University, China.  

Note from author: Due academic law, this volume is a blind draft preview to the final delivered file. Although this version still lacks of academic precision, it contains the integral idea. The final version was delivered after this document, in academic language. 


Two different regions separated by 13,000 kilometers, but united by a common vision: bamboo development. Sinaloa Mexico and Xinhua, China.Sinaloa, Mexico. Located in the most important region of food production of Latin America, faces the challenge unexpected frost winds hitting the region burning 500 million US Dollar per year of lost food. In the other hand, Xinhua, in Central Hunan province, China. A magical region with 6,000 years of uninterrupted traditional culture facing the accelerated economic growth of China, creating a premature development of rural tourism industry, within the migration phenomenon rural-to-urban. Bamboo Landscape for Developing Countries visualizes one possible solution: bamboo development. For Sinaloa, Mexico, introducing Bamboo species as a main “cash crop” for food production aims to fulfill a 25% of the total production = 170,000 hectares of new bamboo forests in northwest Mexico. With market targets in south of USA, Mexico and Central America. For Xinhua, China, learning to manage the local abundant bamboo resources, aims to bring families back together meanwhile integrating Xinhua into the 2.3 billion USD of bamboo industry in China. With market targets in Main China, Asia Pacific and USA as well. As a consequence, the landscape sceneries of Sinaloa Mexico and Xinhua China will be strongly influenced by the socioeconomic aspects of the Bamboo.



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