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This design is based on the "fish beam" concept, developed in Germany in the 19th century. The lack of wood during the Industrial Revolution obligated Europeans to think what could they do with 15 cm diameter woods. 1970's reforestation began in Europe. 1990's Jorg Stamm (German) interpreted it with Guadua Bamboo in Colombia. 2018, we interpreted it with local Moso Bamboo during the revitalization process of Chinese traditional villages.

Title: Bam-bridge. Ten Steps Construction Method

Format: PDF

Size: A4 (Horizontal)

Pages: 14

Year: 2018

Keywords: Bamboo, Bridge, Rural Tourism. China.

DescriptionThese are the instructions of how-to-build a 9.5m bridge made out of Moso Bamboo in rural Hubei, China. The construction system is known in Germany as the "Fish Beam", which is a technique learned in Colombia from German Bamboo builder, Jorg Stamm..  

Note from author: This guide was developed for a specific project deep in the mountain in north Hubei, rural China. Before using this document as a construction guide, please feel free to e-mail us to discuss the local conditions of your project. 

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