I'm Daniel Stamatis

The bamboo model-making animal, creator of chusdoit.com


1983 -  Born in Guadalajara, Mexico.

2000 -  English studies. MRC. Calgary, Canada.

2004 -  Design studies. BAC. Barcelona, Spain.

2008 -  Bachelor in Architecture. ITESM. Monterrey, Mexico

2008 -  Construction supervisor. Vela Ruiz. Monterrey, Mexico.

2009Design family business. Culiacan, Mexico.

2011 -  Bamboo construction training. Jorg Stamm. Cali, Colombia. 

2012  - Certified. Bamboo cultivation, processing & utilization. CBRC. China.

2013  - Jasmine Scholarship recipient. China.

2013  - chusdoit.com 

2016  - Master Degree in Landscape Architecture. NJFU. Nanjing, China.

2016  - CSC China Scholarship Council recipient. China.

2017  - AA Architectural Association Visiting School. Wuhan, China. 

2018  - 1st Prize. Architectural Innovation & Rural Vitalization Awards. China. 

2020  - PhD in Architecture. HUST. Wuhan, China. 

Recent activity

Travel, Work & Social

1st Prize for the Area X project.

Architectural Design Innovation Competition. China. December, 2018.

Thesis proposal, formal presentation.

School of Architecture and Urban Planning,

Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Wuhan, China. March, 2019.

Crafting bamboo model scale 1:10

Interpreting into a bamboo construction system the desires of the HUST team, who had no experience on bamboo architecture. August, 2019.

University sharing on Critical Architecture in rural China.

Wuhan. China. May, 2018.

Discussing the Gate project, in a region where English is exotic.

Shandong. China. April, 2018.

Ready to begin new rural project.

Hubei. China. Jan, 2018.

Christmas visiting school.

Wuhan, China. Dec, 2017.

With PhD supervisor Prof. 谭刚毅, discussing the Area X project through scale models.

HUST. Wuhan, China. Nov, 2016.

Visiting the Area X project's site for the first time, before design.  

Hubei, China. Oct, 2016.

Roofing duck shelter.

LinAn, Zhejiang. China. April, 2015.

Two Mexicans opening the Bamboo CBRC ceremony.

Hangzhou, China. Aug, 2012.

Training bamboo construction directed by Jorg Stamm.

Colombia, 2011.

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