Chus creates memorable identities, 

powerful spaces, meaningful 

research, and effective quality control manufacturing in China. 


Identity Design

Wether is a sport Mascot, a Corporate Logo, an E-commerce Website, or even a Book Edition, discovering identities is about expressing personality and values of companies and businesses to connect them with their audiences.


Architecture is for human first, then for economy if you want. It's all about connectivity and collaboration between adjacent fields to enrich the environment.

Harming the environment the less possible is old-fashion. Improving the natural performance of the site is the new in. 


"The one dollar investment".

During 1994, if you invested one dollar in a company which aims to maximize profit, you would get 7.18 dollars by 2009. Sounds good, until the same dollar invested in a company which aims to solve environmental problems got 14.29 the same year.

Research is meant to solve problems in business ways. 


Quality Control

Manufacturing in China has amazing competitive advantages. The problem is the geographic distance between America and Asia when supervising quality time comes. Therefore, we are based in China to take care that Latin American companies build durable relationships with their manufacturers in China.  Design and International Trade combo breaker!

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