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The bamboo is an ideal crop to transform Mexico. Bamboo is a millennial organism with 1500 varieties and more than 1000 utilizations since the beginning of civilization. It is reputed as a regenerator of ecosystems due its highest index of growing and oxygen generator. It is simple the symbol of sustainability for the XXI century. Mexico, with the ancient vocation for agriculture, should introduce Bamboo plantations in more than 14 states. Bamboo would be planted only once every 70-100 years. And after the third year will give an average harvest of 30-60 ton/ha of food and wood. Enough to boost the a whole industry from Mexico to the world. After more than 35 years of study, the one and only "next step" to take is contained in this PDF. 

Title: BIM Bambu Industria Mexicana

Kind: Presentation

Slides: 18

Year: 2018

Format: PDF

Size: A4 (Horizontal)

Language: Spanish

Keywords: Bambu, China, INBAR, Mexico, 

DescriptionThe simplest guide of how to impulse the Bamboo Industry in Mexico. Although is in Spanish, its main communication is visual. Further questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

Note from author: Download this PDF presentation, share it, use it to express your own view of bamboo industry for Mexico.



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