This "Resources' section aims to Help bamboo businesses to design to their potential and

to enable individuals and organizations to sell bamboo architecture effectively. 

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The 5-Steps Design Process: A Bamboo Oriented Workbook


"The only way to create freedom is through Limitations and boundaries" -Ido Portal.

This workbook eliminates the anxiety of the design process by breaking the whole design work into 5 small tasks. This workbook aims to empower you to control your time during the creative process, ensure the deadline, and ultimately charge for your creative bamboo. 

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The 4 Complete Case-Studies on the Bamboo Model-making approach


This document shares the processes of four bamboo architectural projects where chusdoit utilized the Model-making approach as the main design methodology. It aims to serve as a reference for anyone interested in utilizing bamboo as a building material. It touches socioeconomic variables, geometry solutions to challenging sites, participatory design processes, and 1:1 construction results. 

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'Bamboo: The Gift of the Gods'. By Oscar Hidalgo Lopez. 


Finally, it is a public domain book. If you had to read only one bamboo book in your life, this is it. For many, it is considered the 'bible' of bamboo. If you have it, you have to share it. Although it was published in 2003, it is still the more complete document on bamboo. Definitely a high-value PDF file. 

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Bam-Bridge: The 10-Steps Construction Method


These are the instructions of how-to-build a 9.5m bridge made out of Moso Bamboo in rural Hubei, China. The construction system is known in Germany as the "Fish Beam", which is a technique learned in Colombia from German Bamboo builder, Jorg Stamm. 

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High-Resolution Poster: 'The Role of Architecture in the Bamboo Industry'


Download this poster to keep in mind the role of architectural design among the whole universe of the bamboo industry. This image is carefully crafted during the Ph.D. research on bamboo architecture, conducted at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wunan, China. 


El Inesperado Rol del Modelo a Escala en la Arquitectura con bambú


During seven years in China, we developed a type of bamboo architecture that responds exclusively to the unique mechanical properties of this material. This presentation discusses how to accelerate technology transfer through scale models. The topic is explained through stories of real projects carried out between 2016 and 2019 in China.