Learn to design faster & better

Chus will teach you his own method to conceptualize bamboo architecture from scratch and how to earn from it.

1-Hour Zoom session with Chus = 16 Years of experience in value.

Tools & Resources for Free

Mission: Help bamboo businesses to design to their potential. 

Empower individuals and organizations to sell bamboo architecture effectively. 

This is not another online bamboo construction course/training. Instead, this bundle is a formula to structure your conceptual design process as you release your creative potential within pre-established limits. "If you can control time, you can put a price". Also you will learn how to show its value to your clients so they wish to invest in it. 

What you will learn:

  • How to break the whole project into 5 smaller tasks & how to guaranty deadlines (the "just-do-it" mindset).

  • How to increment confidence & reduce anxiousness during the creative phase of your bamboo project.

  • How to show value to your clients so they actually want to invest in "just" a conceptual bambo desgin.

  • The goal is to give more value to your clients than their money is worth for.

What the bundle includes:

  • 5-Steps Design Process Workbook ($5)

  • 120+ Page PDF / 4-Examples ($13)

  • 1 Hour private session with Chus to discuss and answer your questions ($65)

  • High-Resolution Poster ($8) 

  • Life-time Private Facebook group. To follow up and receive feedback as your projects progress.

  • Bonus: Client's Presentation. Template File .PPT

Your instructor:

Chus' mission is to help individuals, businesses, and organizations in developing countries to design bamboo architecture to their potential. Chus has been refining this method for the last 16 years. From 2012 to 2020 in China. The cultural barrier in China forced Chus to learn more about how to effectively communicate bamboo conceptual designs so clients actually want to invest in them. Chus' method values time & trust over money. Paradoxically, it yet opens the door of cashflow. If you want to learn about how to control time during the creative phase of your bamboo project so you can earn from it, this is it.