The Role of Architecture during the Bamboo Tech-Transfer China to Mexico: Direct Implication in Rural Tourism.

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The role of architecture in the bamboo industry. Image by Daniel Stamatis

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Bamboo, one of the most multi-functional products available, is growing fast in international recognition for its economic, ecologic and social benefits. However, in general, it is in early stage of development and no country has fulfilled its whole industrial potential. As a building material, bamboo is proving to be a strong ally in revitalizing of sub-developed regions, being the rural tourism the main context to operate. Here is reviewed the status of two bamboo industries. The Chinese, although is the #1 bamboo producer still has many communities sub-utilizing their own bamboo resources due the fast urbanization process of rural China. And the Mexican, despite the ecologic and market ideal conditions remains underdeveloped due lack of support from the Federal government. In both cases, bamboo architecture acts as key tool for further development. This article presents two bamboo architectural projects rural China, one in a sub-developed village in process of transformation into a rural tourism attraction, surrounded by bamboo forest in Hubei province; and the other in a wealthier region in Shandong p province but without natural bamboo resources. Building with bamboo in rural Hubei forces the locals to organize stocks of material, raise its quality, and sell it to regions who lack of it, such as Shandong. On the other hand, the bamboo architecture for Mexico seres as a "bridge" to receive the technology transfer from China during the next 6-12 years. It is shown that, regardless if a bamboo industry is in its early stage of development (Mexico) or ir near to be fully completed (China), it is possible to create attractive bamboo architecture that boosts the rural tourism and the whole industry since as raw material is ready to receive innovative approaches that inspire the interest of locals to manage their own bamboo, the material of the future.

Title: The Role of Architecture during the Bamboo Tech-Transfer China to Mexico: Direct Implication in Rural Tourism.

Authors: Daniel Stamatis and Tan Gangyi.

Journal: World Bamboo and Rattan (China).

Language: Chinese 中文

Keywords: Bamboo Architecture, Technology transfer, Rural tourism, China, Mexico. 

Format: PDF

Pages: 6

Date of publication: December 27, 2018.

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