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Deciding on Bamboo or Steel Scaffolding as Building Material in Rural China: The Area X Project


Although bamboo is an abundant resource in rural China, it is still rejected by villagers for architectural applications. The Area X project intended to use local bamboo as the building material but villagers chose steel scaffolding instead. Why was that? This article describes the whole decision-making process, detailing important insights on environmental consequences of such decisions.

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The Wing Pavilion: A Participatory Action Approach to Bamboo Architectural Research in Chinese Universities 


Tradition and modernity merged as a unit. The Wing Pavilion project was conducted by inexperienced students in China, utilizing a participatory action approach to bamboo architectural research. The technical solution reflected a Western functionality with an Asian essence. This article describes the whole design-to-construction process, detailing important case studies on the subject.

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The Role of Architecture during the Bamboo Tech-Transfer China to Mexico: Direct Implication in Rural Tourism

(Chinese 中文)

Can Mexico lead the bamboo industry in the Americas? Yes, but only after becoming an INBAR member. Despite the ideal market conditions and ecologic potential, the Federal government of Mexico has overlooked for decades the possibility of bamboo as a competitive international industry. This article describes the current status of the Mexican bamboo industry, detailing the procedure to transfer the technology from China. 

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