What We Do.


Architecture is for human first, then for economy. Connectivity between adjacent fields to enrich environments. Solving fundamental problems through the power of design.


Since rural development has been the first and foremost issue of Chinese governments, we are honored to contribute in the cause.


"City is the greatest invention of human". Aravena. 

"Cities should learn from villages". Wang Shu.

We dream with cities where urban and rural are one.


For us, the process to create any shape as sculpture is: 3D software design > 3D printing scale model > manufacture in China > Import-Export controlled logistic > Installation. 

Bamboo Tech

Bamboo is the example of productivity. It's the model for truly sustainable systems. 

Bamboo is not only a great alternative for the materiality of our designs, It is also a refined conductor of ancient philosophy and tradition. 

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