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14 Approaches to Architectural Research

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Architects in the world started to do scientific research only recently. So there is not a long tradition on doing it, compared to other fields such as Medicine. Also, is not a surprise that there are not many high-quality journals gathering architectural research specifically. So, to short-cut the struggling on understanding the management an Architectural Research, here is shared 14 Approaches to Architectural Research, by Robert Johnson.

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Title: 14 Approaches to Architectural Research

Format: PDF

Size: Widescreen (Horizontal)

Pages: 3

Year: 2019

Keywords: Methodology, Architecture, PhD, International students.

DescriptionAs architects, we tend to “re-invent the wheel”. Please don’t. Instead, choose one from the 14 approaches to architectural research. (Hot tip! The Action Research is for those who would like to do design while doing research).

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