"Bamboo: The Gift of the Gods". By Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez.

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The physical book hold by Daniel in the Bambuterra office, Mexico, City. 

What's inside


If you had to read only one book about bamboo, this is it. Do it. 

Bamboo: The Gift of the Gods. Written by Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez. Finally, it is a public domain document. Although it was published in 2003, it is still the more complete document on bamboo. It includes 553 exquisite pages of the plant’s biological description, the bamboo properties, handicrafts, treatments against insects and fungi, manufacture of single and composite materials, construction technologies, construction of structures, the bamboo culture in the Americas and Asia, the application of bamboo in different fields of engineering, and bamboo in the field of medicine. 

Title: Bamboo: The Gift of the Gods.

Author: Oscar Hidalgo Lopez

Language: English

Keywords: Biological description, Bamboo properties, Handicrafts, Treatments for preservation, Manufacture of bamboo products and structures, Bamboo culture, Bamboo applications. Bamboo medicine. 

Format: PDF

Pages: 553

Date of publication: 2003