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Workbook - 5-Steps Design Process. 2019.

The 5-Steps Design Process: A Bamboo-Oriented Workbook

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The 5-Steps Design Process: A

Bamboo-Oriented Workbook

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Four weeks is quite a reasonable time to create a conceptual design. However, a great advantage of this system is that it can be adjusted into the time resource that you actually have or need. For one week or one year, the steps are the same. Just set the deadlines yourself, and stick to the schedule. It always works.

Have you noticed that increasingly so many people are more interested in bamboo construction? Do we agree that the minority has a ‘degree’ on architecture or similar design background at all?. It shouldn't be a barrier for non-architects to be able to design decisions on the WHAT-TO-BUILD issue before building anything. Ten times out of ten will be better a built structure responding accordingly to its context, rather than a structure ignoring or omitting it.

In an effort to close this gap, click here to download the workflow that I’ve been adapting since 2004 to solve architectural concepts before construction. During the last 15 years, I’ve been perfecting and simplifying it through bamboo projects in Mexico, Spain, and China. I take any opportunity to run it, share it, improve it. But so far I can tell, it works. 

This workbook is NOT another “Construction Manual for Bamboo”. Instead, it is a step-by-step process that helps to clarify the goal to be built, to organize its functional, physical role in its context as a built entity. This workbook will guide you through a series of questions that you will be able to answer according to the project you have in your hands. In the end, you should have a clear architectural concept to be executed in construction, on time. This tool has helped me and many others to THINK architectural design, and should be public domain. I’m very looking forward to hearing from your feedback about it. And sharing it is encouraged.

Title: The 5-Steps Design Process: A Bamboo-Oriented Workbook

Type: Know-how

Keywords: Observation, Formulation, Successive Answers, The Project, Conclusion.

Format: PDF

Pages: 9

Date of publication: Nov 23, 2019.